Friday, October 28, 2011

'Some' was an interesting choice of words for Canwea to use - G. Hawkridge

Letter to the Editor from G. Hawkridge

Oct 27, 2011 - 10:38 AM
'Some' was an interesting choice of words for Canwea to use

To the editor:
Is it just me, or are people not paying any attention to the news of late?
I refer to the very "quiet release of truth" from Canwea (Canadian Wind Energy Association) at the almost close of business a couple of weeks ago.
Finally, but very reluctantly, CanWea has come out with the statement that IWTs (Industrial Wind Turbines) do make "some" people sick.
Only CanWea would use the word "some" in that particular context.
Is it just me, but wasn't SARS responsible for making "some" people sick and perhaps it's just me again, but doesn't smoking cigarettes cause cancer in "some" people?
The public relations department at Canwea must have been picking what they thought was the right word to use for a month, especially when it's caused so much harm, to some, for so long.
Now of course you'll hear CanWea vehemently defending their use of "some" after their news release, as the absolute truth, as only a few have complained of the health problems to the press.
However, it cannot be just me that has read several emails released under the Freedom of Information Act, and penned by a number of experienced field officers from the MOE, advising their superiors that sound problems from wind turbines were becoming a serious issue for "hundreds of residents living close to a wind turbine farm."
And it cannot be just me that listened to CanWea and their government employer's massive media campaign, constantly reminding the public that IWTs do not cause health problems, and do not reduce the property value of those living close by.
After the recent election it should be abundantly clear to all that rural Ontario is onto CanWea and its employer, Dalton McGuinty.
Who through his own gargantuan efforts managed to decimate the Liberal party in nearly all of rural Ontario, with the exception of Kingston and Nanticoke.
Is it just me, but after a leading party loses this many seats in rural Ontario, don't the Liberal Party insiders start looking for a new front runner?
Especially after the current leader denies and compounds a series of major untruths?
Most of rural Ontarians have now been truthfully vindicated in their attempts to open up the truth about IWTs.
It might just be me, but I think people will start to take a much closer look now and wonder, just how many more "some" people are going to suffer serious health issues.

G. Hawkridge
City of Kawartha Lakes