Tuesday, December 21, 2010


By Bryce Bonner, Millbrook Ontario

The environmental damage that would be caused to install wind turbines and the minimal amount of power fed into the grid does not, in my opinion meet any reasonable measure.

Potential pollutants such as diesel fuel, lubricants and unset concrete may trickle into our aquifers. The degradation of these substances, not exposed to ultra violet light is very slow if at all in the ground or aquifers.

Water aquifers are generally found from twenty feet to below the surface water level. Some aquifers may travel many metres in one day carrying the contaminants to our farm wells, marsh lands, springs, ponds and streams.

Many aquifers which feed a private well may be severed by these large cavities of concrete which form the turbine base. This may cause the well to be decommissioned. All these contaminants are carcinogenic to humans, wildlife and farm animals. This impact could be of major magnitude on water quality and has the potential to irrevocably damage the ecology around these proposed turbine sites.

Bryce Bonner
Millbrook Ontario