Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Letter from Graham Hawkridge to Jeff Leal

November 3 2013 Dear Mr. Leal; Your reply to my previous letter to you concerning the proposed deployment of wind turbines on the Oak Ridges moraine, along with my many previous letters containing facts as to the dangerously proposed location of yet another Wind Plant (only five to six kilometers) near to the Rolling Hills Public school at the junction of highway 35 and 7 has, as usual, meant absolutely nothing to you or that of the liberal caucus, and as usual caused you to reply with more typical liberal hyperbole. Yours and your parties letters along with their press releases media doesn’t even begin to address the health problems associated with, and now scientifically proven on three continents, to cause health issues at distances of 5-6 kilometers. The fact that you and the liberal caucus refuse to address or heed this science will not allow you to cheat the justice system that will eventually seek you out, as health issues begin to affect the children and seniors of rural Ontario. Parents and grandparents will not forget this betrayal of our families and neither will they condone your ignorance of the democratic system that put you were you are today. You and your party have chosen and have made it abundantly clear to all rural Ontarians that you intend to ignore all scientific evidence that has now proven to the contrary that Industrial Wind Turbines are not entirely safe at less than 5 kilometers away from homes or public schools, yet they continue to ignore all precautionary measures and have acted in such a way as to place thousands of rural families at risk from health issues and has also knowingly allowed property devaluation to continue, instead of insisting that fair market value be given to those affected which your party knowingly exists and is caused by the liberal party allowing only 550 meters as a set back safety margin. Many seniors are now going to be forced out of their homes in the years to come, all due to you constant electrical dollar massive increases, of which this winters electrical utility costs are just one example. When the next election comes around it will be a day of reckoning for the liberal caucus, as the public will insist that all of you be prosecuted for all the lies, and subterfuge you have carried out in the name of Dalton McGuinty. None of this Liberal caucus deserves to be in any one of your positions, as not one of you have served the public to the best of your ability or with honor since the last election. There simply cannot be one Liberal member that sits at Queens Park that hasn’t asked themselves at least once “are Wind Turbines really safe” and why in Gods name are we ignoring rural Ontarians? And that’s the telling part of this wind fiasco, you were aware of it but ignored it, and that’s what will be your downfall. Graham Hawkridge City of Kawartha Lakes PS how many wind plants are going in your back yard Mr. Leal?