Sunday, July 1, 2012

Letter From Mary Cowling to Dalton McGuinty

Dear Mr McGuinty;

I wish to draw your attention to two different statements, one made by yourself, the Premier of Ontario, and one made by Finance Minister Dwight Duncan, published in the Toronto Star newspaper June 23, 2012.

Finance Minister Duncan stated, "A person's word is their word" when referring to a "deal" made with NDP leader Andrea Horwath concerning the recent budget bill.  He was dismayed that anyone would give their word and then renage.

You, Mr McGuinty, when asked about the erection of Industrial Wind Turbines in communities that were clearly against them stated, "I've got all kinds of communities that want them.  "I don't need the headaches that are associated with them going into communities that don't want them."

We, in the City of Kawartha Lakes, have demonstrated that we are "a don't want" community.  The most recent time was June 19,2012 when it was documented that nearly 700 people attended WPD's second consultation meeting regarding The Sumach Ridge project.  Despite a torrential downpour, hundreds stood out in the rain to show their displeasure.  The meeting hall had a capacity of over 300, but WPD had security allow only 175 in at a time.  Many elderly and those with infants left before entering the school, so the number in attendence may have been significantly higher.  In addition, hundreds of people have signed letters of objection stating that they do NOT want Industrial Wind Turbines in The City of Kawartha Lakes, formerly Manvers County  This includes not only WPD and EFO(Zero Emission People), but any other proponent seeking to bring turbines to our area. 
WPD claims there are those in favour of industrial wind turbines in our community.  Many individuals joined in a door to door campaign for just that reason.  In the many hours I spent, I only encountered ONE person in favour. The other canvassers reported similar results.  Other than leaseholders, I can say emphatically, the majority are against them.

I would now challenge you to keep your word to our community as you expected Ms Horwath to do regarding the Budget Bill.  You can demonstrate to the people of Ontario that you are a man of your word by having your staff deny the approval of any industrial wind turbine contracts in The City of Kawartha Lakes.

I look forward to your response.

Thank you;
Mary Cowling
Citizen of The City of Kawartha Lakes