Saturday, April 10, 2010

Contract Awarded For Millbrook Wind Turbines Despite Lack of Wind

The Ontario Power Authority announced the approval for 184 projects on Thursday including the Whispering Woods Wind Farm in Millbrook.

The location of the proposed wind turbines has been witheld from the public from the beginning. However, the Province's website now shows the wind turbines will be located in the lands bounded by County Road 21, Highway 28, Hutchinson Drive and Zion Line. .

Why has the government approved turbines in this area when their own wind studies indicate there is not enough wind to make the turbines cost effective?

Unfortunately, energy experts predict our hydro rates increase by 25% over the next few years, so if you are paying $2000 a year for hydro now, they will tack on another $500 to your bill.

And then there is the unfortunate homeowners, who one day will be staring out the window at the once productive farmfields, taken over by the planting of 400 foot high turbines, that will likely be idle most of the time.

More information to follow.