Monday, October 31, 2011

Open letter to the Haliburton/Pineridge Board of Health - From Graham Hawkridge

Open letter to the Haliburton/Pineridge Board of Health.

One supposes that after CanWea’s admission of guilt just over a week ago concerning health issues caused by Industrial Wind Turbines, that all of Ontario’s health boards would have had ears to the ground, watching and waiting for more proof that its citizens might be put into any further danger.

It did therefore, come as a complete shock to watch the majority of the board members of the Halliburton/Pine ridge Health unit, completely ignore CKL councilor Heather Stable’s informed and well intentioned information motion, get the hard nosed nay, to carrying out a moratorium on IWT’s, until health and sound studies have been carried out concerning IWT’s.

It just amazes this writer that CanWea (Canadian Wind Energy Association) finally admitted that “some people will get sick living near wind farms” a statement that all of rural Ontario has been writing and demanding the truth about for over 3 years.

This press release was handed to the Halliburton/Pineridge health board right before the board meeting started Thursday, October 28, 2011 and contained this truth, which saw the majority vote no, to the motion that councilor Heather Stauble sought to protect its citizens.

Gil Brocanier, mayor of Cobourg led the charge to stop this sensible motion and was backed up by Judith Masters a provincial appointee, and Mark Lovshin, the Reeve of Hamilton Township, who get's two votes? These two or three board members also managed to carry the same theme in Port Hope as well! I find it absolutely appalling that two or three people can prevent rural area citizens from being protected from wind turbine health issues.

The good guy’s in this entire pretense were CKL councilor Heather Stauble, along with Doug Emslie of CKL, and Dave Burton of the Haliburton council.

The other two provincial appointees (Sandra Jack and Brian Todd) failed to attend this critical meeting, this should show rural Ontario what they really think about protecting their own citizens, and let’s not forget who pays their salary for travel and these meetings.

It bothers me greatly when I see this kind of thing happening right here in our own backyard, had this been a different threat to residents they would have voted this motion through for sure. Are Mr. Brocanier, Judith masters and Mark Lovshin being persuaded to align themselves with the Dalton McGuinty government and their Wind corporation associates? Do they really think that no one has noticed that they appear to be pro Wind? Or are they just hell bent on ignoring the evidence that has been thrust in their faces for many a week now? And not just from Canada.

Wind Turbines are making people sick all over rural Ontario and something needs to be done to protect the people and their children and all future residents from suffering the same health issues.
You get well compensated for doing your job, so lets see you do it right and start by having the courage to stand up and demand a moratorium on IWT’s until all health and sound studies have been carried out by independent scientists. After all this is what the precautionary measure is all about in your business, looking after public health first, not pandering to the liberal party.

Graham Hawkridge
City of Kawartha Lakes