Friday, January 28, 2011

A letter from Gerry Lukow - Millbrook Times

And to add further re: the subject of Industrial Wind Turbines. Yes, there will be employment according to our provincial government's advertising but what they are not saying is, employment where. The turbines in our area will be manufactured in Germany. How does that help employment here? Another thing to consider is, how long will any employment last. Yes, there will be companies needed to construct these monstrosities, while ruining Ontario's beautiful scenery, especially in this area.

Has anyone taken into consideration other damage that will take place during construction. For example, prime agricultural lands used for access roads, tons of concrete required to hold these structures.

I wonder how many people realize that concrete is one of the worlds leading environmental polluters, even more than vehicles. If you own a computer, look for yourself. Making and transporting cement is not a free ride. Then there is the curing time and also leaching. If anyone is into history they're probably aware how many years it took for the Hoover Dam to cure and curing itself can be damaging.

And speaking of damage it has not been proven that these wind turbines are safe in other aspects (ice throws from blades, turbines collapsing etc.) When the structures are up, what happens to employment? Oh yes it all sounds good doesn’t it?

Personally, I'm not against green energy. In fact I'd have to say solar panels interest me. They are not so intrusive but looking at it in long run ,I've found that they are not necessarily the best solution either. I do know people who have gone this route and have seen the problems they've encountered with Ontario Hydro. Not only is there the cost of putting these up, then having to pay tax on any payment received, after approximately two years of bureaucracy and lawyer's fees. Makes a poor investment to my way of thinking.

If our governments had any sense, and taking into consideration how many millions of dollars are being spent on the Industrial Wind Turbines, wouldn’t it make more sense to subsidize those people who would like to invest in this technology or companies who'd be willing to put them of their roofs. Take for example, our Township and hopefully a new arena being built. If there were solar panels on the roof and payment received for them, think of what an asset this would make towards cost of building the arena. If many people could use this technology I feel it would create more electricity and cheaper than an Industrial Wind Turbine. Sure as heck would be nicer than looking at a bunch of ugly 500 foot towers. Oh by the way, there are companies who would welcome the employment manufacturing and installing solar panels in Canada.