Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Ian Hanna Update - Donations Needed For Court Costs

Ian Hanna v. Ontario – December 31 Update

Donation Information

Albeit short and to the point, I hope this update will provide as much encouragement and optimism as possible as we approach the end of 2010. There may be little to report from this point forward, until the final hearing in January 2011 – as much of the legal interaction is now complete.

Cross-examinations of the expert witnesses have been completed – in general, everything proceeded in much the way we had anticipated. Dr. McMurtry was examined in person, in Toronto, while Dr. Christopher Hanning and Dr. Michael Nissenbaum were examined by video link from Leicester, England and Fort Kent, Maine, respectively.

With the cross-examinations complete – the lawyers are now working to prepare their arguments for the main hearing which is scheduled to take place on January 24th and 25th, 2011. A three judge panel will hear the arguments from both sides and then render a decision, accordingly.

This hearing will be open to the public and unlike public meetings, conducted by Industrial Wind Developers; citizens are welcome to attend without identifying themselves or “signing-in” at the door. We encourage you to show your support by attending, if you are so inclined.

Finally – despite the generous financial support we have received from many areas of Ontario, it is apparent that we really need a strong, final, push from everyone who is able and truly concerned about this issue, to assist with the costs of this action. Even modest amounts can help – we really need you now.

Ian Hanna, Big Island

To donate, mail cheque to:

Ian Hanna Fund
Box 173
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Make Cheque to: APPEC Legal Fund