Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Letter to Millbrook Times in Response to Letter from Wind Turbine Advocate

Harnessing the Wind?

Never in my life have I seen a letter more inaccurate as I read last week in the Millbrook paper (are we being conned) I truly believe every one has a right to express themselves. But if you want to let people know how you feel, you should at least try to get your facts straight and not claim whatever your opinion is, to be the true and only way.
As far as I can determine, every single person I have spoken to about the wind turbines agree, if we keep using electricity the way we are now, we most definitely need an alternative way to create energy and most of us agree, harnessing the wind could be a good way to do it. And there are many ways to do it. Having said this, building these huge turbines is not the way to go about it.   
Destroying perfectly good farmland forever is not my idea of being environmentally friendly. Can you image 1000 Ton of concrete for each turbine.
And that is only one of the many objections many people have, including me. Could you imagine the affect of the strong winds we had last week, could have on those huge contraptions, I shudder to think about it. Another thing, that really seems wrong to me. Why on earth, if those turbines are so good, do we have to have back up units powered by coal or gas. And other problem I have with Mrs. Agra Davies letter is what she claims is happening in Europe. It is entirely false as far as I can see it. Many country's in Europe are in trouble because of the wind turbines only because there had not been enough research before they started installing them. Do we have to make the same mistakes?
For 40 years, there were no more nuclear plants allowed in Holland, now they are rethinking these laws and reversing their decisions of 40 years ago after spending literal billions some provinces are actually outlawing, building more wind turbines.
Germany recently created a new law stating "each new building to be built, has to have the capability to create some or all of its estimated needed energy. It can be done here too. We know it would cost more money to build a house. But, wouldn't you rather pay 50 bucks more on your mortgage and save a 100 on your hydro bill. The technology is here, it can be done and it would be much more environment friendly than those monstrosities they are shoving down our throats
 Bill Vanderpluym.
 County Rd. 21.