Sunday, May 15, 2011

Letter to the Millbrook Times - Graham Hawkridge Response to Agda Davies

Re Agda Davies letter May 5.
Agda Davies letter concerning wind turbines needs to be addressed in today’s realistic terms and not those of wind proponents interested only in making billions of dollars off the backs of hard working Canadians.

While most of us are aware that the planet might or might not be warming and not all scientists agree on that. Wind proponents and Dalton McGuinty are going round touting the good side of wind turbine power that will, in two or three years, become the single most expensive utility that seniors and low income earners will have to bear from their meager pensions or the like.

Your letter states that Europe and many other countries are at peace with this invasive industrial machinery, but your facts are a little off base, Holland has now stopped all plans to deploy any further use of IWT’s and has now expressed a wish to use all haste to go Nuclear, Denmark the home of Industrial Wind Turbines, has now stopped all deployment on land, and IWT’s must be no closer to land than 8 kilometers. Spain, France the UK and many others are swiftly following, with Australia’s government asking for independent health studies as we speak, while studies on set backs are now being reconsidered.

Too much harm to health has been overlooked and denied to our citizens, by our provincial government that quite simply put, doesn’t care about them. Dalton McGuinty’s over zealous bid to instill his will on the rest of us will see many seniors and the less fortunate having to sell their homes due to the cost of electricity, they can ill afford.

While you claim that IWT’s are the cleanest and most costs effective source of power, I might just remind you that Niagara Falls has been supplying power to both Canada and parts of New York state for over a century now and truly nothing else, is as yet, a “cheaper source of power than that of hydro dams” (3-4 cents per kilowatt) There are, in Northern Ontario over 190 possible hydro dam sites (already inspected) that could produce enough power for all of Ontario and then some, at a very reasonable cost per kilowatt for all, (unlike Wind Power) and not just those that can afford it. And instead of creating temporary jobs for five years would more than likely create jobs for 10 or fifteen years. One cannot imagine the grief that will be wrought to millions if we continue down this road, one only has to listen to the hundreds already being assaulted by property loss or suffering from serious health problems in Shelburne and other areas, to realize that this government just doesn’t give a hoot about its citizens, and for you to demean them by saying their problems are imagined and ridiculous is to say the least, totally insufferable!

Every family that has been bought out by wind proponents has a gag order in place, so that even if they wanted to, the unfortunate family is not allowed to talk about their health horrors. I would like to recommend that you go and live with a family being assaulted for a month or so, then get back to us all, its possible I might even be able to arrange that for you.

Graham Hawkridge