Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Letter to Millbrook Times From Community Wind Concerns of Cavan Monaghan

RE: April 28th Reader to Reader

Are We being Conned ?

We must disagree with Ms. Davies position on Industrial Wind Turbines. We have never  said we are against ALL Wind and Solar Farms. In fact there are a few farms in the  Millbrook study area who have recently installed large solar panels, so let’s be perfectly clear.

1) We are against the 5  proposed Industrial Wind Turbines that have a hub height of 100m (328 ‘) and total above grade height of 146.25m (479.82’)  equal to a 48 storey building,  being erected  smack dab in the middle of a neighbourhood consisting of some 60 + residential homes, prime farm land and  the beautiful historic Village of Millbrook nearby.

2) We are against our creeks, streams, springs, and groundwater  being compromised with the construction of bases requiring  1000 tons of concrete and steel rebar that will go into the ground anywhere from 2-15m (6-50’) .Many of the wells where the turbines are proposed are very shallow- some only 8ft  in depth.

3) We are against the widespread destruction of our natural heritage system (flora and fauna) due not only to the turbines but to the permanent access roads that must be built  through  the  farms to service the turbines.

4) We are against Industrial Wind Turbines being built in the flight path of migrating birds and across from a bird sanctuary.

5) We are against the destruction of our roads by the use of heavy equipment to transport and maintain the Industrial Wind Turbines. A case in point- in the Toronto Star on April 28/2011 there was an article describing the maintenance of the turbine at Exhibition Place (only 300 ft. total height). A 1.7 tonne bearing had worn out and in order to fix it a  500 tonne crane was required  to remove the 3 blades weighing 17 tonnes! The  crane  then lowered  the assembly at the hub, which houses the  bearing and the 30 tonne generator. How can our roads and farmlands withstand these weights? Imagine the destruction!

6) We are against putting up with health issues due to the infrasound associated with Industrial Wind Turbines. In Ontario many people are suffering from the adverse health effects. Suncor and Acciona Energy have just purchased 4 homes in the Ripley area from people who are reportedly dealing with health issues. If there are no health concerns associated with Industrial Wind Turbines why would the wind operators buy the homes? Unfortunately these people had to sign a “gag order” to get their money.

7) We are against the devaluation of our properties –several reports have concluded that properties in close proximity to Industrial Wind Turbines can devalue in the range of  40%. In one area in southwestern Ontario some 40 homes located near a wind farm were reported to be either vacated and/or for sale.

8) We are against a company coming to our community to hold a public meeting, then treating its citizens with disdain. 

9) We are against guaranteeing the wind industry $135 per MWH for power we do not need and dumping or exporting the surplus at $25.67 per MWH while all of our hydro bills keep climbing.

10) We are against a legislated 550 metre setback –so that Industrial Wind Turbines will fit between rural concession roads, when recent studies suggest they should be at least 1-2 kms . Perhaps if Ms. Davies lived within 550 metres of these proposed turbines she would think differently.


Community Wind Concerns of Cavan Monaghan