Monday, April 18, 2011

Letter to the Millbrook Times from Gerry Lukow

On March 22nd at 7:00 PM, I had the opportunity to attend a meeting of neighbors at our township office in regards to the proposed Industrial Wind Turbines to be erected east of Millbrook. Those in attendance were of course those who had the most concern and I'm sure others who where interested were equally welcomed.

The meeting was organized by a small steering and advisory group that have been working very diligently for their neighbourhood's concerns against these monstrous blights spoiling our beautiful landscape. Of course there are many who have no concerns. They have no reason to garner knowledge of any downside to these turbines dotting the countryside and feel the need to accept this method to relieve the demands for electricity, satisfactory. Shame of it is, this technology will never prove itself yet concerned or not concerned all taxpayers will have to foot the bill and in the end realize it isn't worth the money. Another shame is, the five in this area will become many more not to mention all the others in other areas. It has been written in newspapers that many countries in Europe have put a halt to them realizing the costs for them is not justified. Our government obviously has turned a blind eye or ear to this or possibly, don't care for their people.

One reason for this letter is to personally thank those who organized the meeting and of course, they know who they are.Also, I'd like to personally thank our town council who were all in attendance at the meeting giving us their full support and answering questions for those in attendance who asked questions. We do have a council this township can be proud of.

Many subjects where touched upon and information given by the accrued knowledge of the organizers such as safety, health issues, ground water contamination from concrete leaching and diesel from construction equipment during construction, property values, noise contamination which has been stressful to many people by sleep depredation and effects of inaudible sound waves, plus the loss to wildlife such as birds the monarch butterfly and bats, very likely from this same inaudible noise. Bats, yuk, but hey, bats eat mosquitoes.

Which brings me to another subject that had me wondering for a long time. What about the bees? No one has come up with an answer to why they're disappearing. There's been lots of theories. Could the vibrations from the blades and the inaudible sound emanating from these structures which does exist be responsible? After all, there's a lot of creatures who exist by sound alone and other means of radar. Ask any farmer his views about this. When I had cattle I used to wonder, how did one know when another wanted to be curried and they would curie each other. And not one moo said.

I guess the question that has to be asked is, when did the vast disappearance of the population of our bees start and when did the erection of the first Wind Turbines start.

I looked in Wikipedia about the demise of our bee colonies and other than theories there was one sentence that does say, "Other proposed causes include environmental change -related stresses." Well here we are, bee's can be stressed, why not humans? I feel humans and wind turbines don't mix. I wonder if bees and wind turbines mix.

And of course this should concern us all because without bees, agriculture doesn't exist and if people's groceries that come from agriculture don't exist then people don't exist so, Industrial Wind Turbines don't belong on farms. A bee told me so.

Gerry Lukow
Cnty Rd 21