Thursday, January 20, 2011

Is the Energy Minister Naive ?

Link to Peterborough Examiner Article

In reponse to this artcile.

In regards to the Energy Minister's comments on the proposed Industrial Wind Turbines in the area, he is quoted as saying "It's new. Anything new, whether it be new developments, whether it be other forms of energy generation projects, often get the same response". How naive is this government to think that placing a noisy 45 storey high wind turbine, 550 metres from your home, is comparable to a new development? If we placed a continuous loud annoying noise in front of the Ministers home in Toronto for twenty or thirty years, how would he feel? If you want awareness and the truth, do your research, and you'll see the injustice of the whole process. We will all be paying higher energy bills for an idea that is being abandoned in Europe, while the energy companies are getting rich.