Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Queens Park Rally / Protest - Thursday December 1 at 12 Noon

There will be a rally/protest for outside of Queen’s Park on the same day as the PC private member’s motion regarding the return of power to municipalities to be put forward on Thursday Dec. 1st.

Please arrive at Queen’s Park for close to 12:00 noon. Eric Gillespie and others will be speaking. A number of PC representatives will be out to support the rally at 1:30. It’s important that you come and support the effort the PCs will put forward on your behalf in the afternoon.

Those who are interested in attending the presentation of the motion in the gallery can do so at 2:30. Let’s make some noise outside and then sit quietly while the PCs take a turn at making noise inside!

You may need to prearrange for a security pass for the gallery. Please send a note to Shawn to arrange for a security pass:

Those who would prefer to keep vigil with signs outside are welcome to do that as well.

Rural Ontario sent a clear message at election time! Don’t let up now. Make time to come and make sure all know that we will continue to stand up for our health, homes and community!