Thursday, November 10, 2011

Letter to the Editor to Dunnville Chronicle - From Judy Wilson Atkinson Wellandport

(Ths letter sums up the current situation pretty good. It occured to me this morning that if you want an honest opinion from the wind probably won't find one, and that is why we must inform the good residents of Cavan Monaghan on the truth.)

Turbine blight

Posted 15 hours ago

To the editor:
The introduction of wind turbines into rural Ontario is totally unacceptable for many reasons: harmonic and sub-harmonic noise, devaluation of real estate of homes and farms (for most of us our major, if not only, asset), and health concerns.

The statements by those who stand to profit by the wind industry are so biased as to escape reason. Home values will be decreased with the same logic which inflames present owners of adjacent properties by the introduction of these blights on the rural landscape.

We are prepared to invest in a class action suit against the wind industry companies, the province that has stuffed the "Green Energy" laws down its citizens' throats, and the municipalities that refuse to defend their ratepayers. If enough of us stand up together in principle, and share the expense, we can make a serious statement before it is too late. Once the turbines are in place, it will be very difficult to have them removed even if disabled, and the visual assault alone is enough to spoil the environment.

In all fairness, we think each municipality should be obliged to hold a referendum to decide if a majority of ratepayers are in favour of this irrational development. The only beneficiaries are the wind companies, and the residents who receive reportedly large sums for every turbine they agree to have installed on their property in complete disregard for the health and happiness of their neighbours. One cannot help but wonder if some of our elected politicians will eventually be revealed as recipients of hidden benefits, as their cooperation seems otherwise unexplainable. Understandably, some farmers who struggle and work hard will gladly receive the funds (if they get them), but let's not stand by and allow this blight to change the entire landscape and habitation of rural Ontario.

With the outcome of the Oct. 6 election, we can no longer hope that a change of government will intercede on our behalf. As usual, the power vote of Toronto outweighs the rest of Ontario, and the concerns of Torontonians do not include wind turbines in the "sticks".

Write letters, make a noise, and think seriously about investing in legal action. The shared fees will outweigh the devaluation of property, which is a certainty, and we may yet convince our elected officials to cease using our tax dollars to subsidize the ruination of our countryside.

There is plentiful green energy available for Ontario from existing hydro-electric generating stations. Whatever environmental implications hydro may have are already absorbed.

It is of interest that Sir Adam Beck in Niagara Falls is regularly forced to reduce power production, in order for the grid to accept the energy produced by the wind and solar industry, as the province has contracted to pay for this vastly more expensive power and flush truly green and economical energy past the water turbines. The power workers at this facility recognize the waste, but have no choice but to comply.

Are we NIMBY's? You bet.

The turbines got canned off the Scarborough Bluffs, an urban Toronto and Liberal riding!
We don't want these dangerous monstrosities in our backyards, or anyone else's. We predict you won't find one turbine intruding on the peace and quiet of a solitary politician, who we elected and entrusted with our welfare. Google "windconcernsontario" for a coalition of citizens' action groups, news items, and how you can help.

Judy Wilson Atkinson Wellandport