Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Vote For Democracy

It appears to be a two horse race in Cavan Monaghan and it is my hope that allegiances and perceptions can be set aside, and you cast a vote for democracy, and for the protection of our "Green and Pleasant Land".

The current Liberal Government, along with their Green Energy Act, has removed our rights and has ignored concerns to enormous Industrial Wind Turbines being placed near our homes and villages. And they have announced that another 10,000 wind turbines will be forced upon rural Ontario if re-elected.

The PC party has at least acknowledged that the municipalities should decide where wind turbines should be placed, and we the citizens of Cavan Monaghan can help to influence the decisions of our Council, unlike the unbelievably agressive domination, oppression and deception, that we have been subjected to from the Liberal Party.

There are so many faults and glitches to this poorly planned Wind Turbine experiment, it's enough to make your head spin. Your vote is critical in this election, so when you vote, consider that our democratic rights have been taken away by the Liberal Party and the Green Energy Act.

May our township remain a "Green and Pleasant Land".

Brian Hall