Monday, August 22, 2011

The Election and Wind Turbines - Comments from G. Hawkridge

Given that the election is less than two months away, there is a flurry of advertising activity in Ontario newspapers of late, given over to wind farm corporations spouting the supposed magical qualities of Industrial Wind turbines.

Could it be that they are indeed worried that they will lose their massive cash cow from Ontario tax payers?

This and the recent flyer received from Rick Johnson spouts about all the good that his government have done and will do, if re-elected to lead Ontario once again, but fails miserably in truthfulness and any mention concerning health issues with wind farms.

Neither the first corporate wind farm commodities, or our own MPP Rick Johnson have mentioned the fact that Industrial Wind Turbines (IWT’s) have become a “dirty word” in rural Ontario, brought on by the liberal government which has wrought misery and severe health problems on several hundred families, right across this province by enacting the first undemocratic green energy act.

If re-elected, every single rural family in Ontario will be affected by these tax guzzling iron monsters in more ways than one. Like many others, you will not be able to move away from your affected area, as no one will purchase your home due to the health problems attached to wind farms. Yes, you’ve heard that wind corporations will purchase your home, but not until the value has dropped to what their willing to pay, peanuts perhaps?

Just recently, John LaForet, president of (Wind Concerns Ontario) received a 6 page document that was requested over a year ago, under the freedom of information act that once and for all, reveals what this government has ignored about IWT’s for several years.

Cameron Hall, a senior officer with the MOE wrote and informed his government (McGuinty’s liberals) that complaints from residents residing close to wind farms, were indeed believed to be suffering from serious health issues, caused by IWT’s, located far too close to their family homes. This and other issues have been totally ignored by this government, even though their senior officers have requested further studies be carried out to protect the people of Ontario from the many problems associated with the deployment of wind turbines.

This then is why MPP Rick Johnson’s flyer fails to mention that he is in full support of IWT energy. He fails to mention that he openly stated at a very large public meeting at Manvers arena almost three years ago, he would go and defend our right to say NO, in the Ontario legislature. Yet three days later when asked by the then councilor David Marsh to help, he informed Mr. Marsh he had changed his mind and was now fully behind his leader, Dalton McGuinty.

I for one cannot accept an MPP who giving support to, then chose to ignore almost 80% polled, in his local area, and instead follow blindly, a leader who is bound and determined to have all his own way, come hell or high water.

It has now been shown numerous times that not only are wind turbines an economic detriment to their local economy, but nationally as well. They are now proving to be a serious health hazard for those living as far away as two kilometers, but MPP Rick Johnson doesn’t believe this, and even if he did, he is still a McGuinty supporter.

Are you?

G Hawkridge

City of Kawartha Lakes