Sunday, June 5, 2011

Call of the Whippoorwill

Call of the Whippoorwill

Gilead is a wind power developer.  They have designs on a piece of government owned land near Picton, Ontario – Ostrander Point – which is an internationally recognized Important Bird Area (IBA).

The massive blades mounted on their turbine towers kill birds – lots of them.  Although operating at low rpms the radius of the circle swept out is so large that the equivalent linear velocity produced is sufficient to kill on impact.  Birds get knocked to pieces by them.

Having survived the last 200 years of humankind’s progress in much reduced numbers, are we now to stand back and let Gilead further decimate their populations by consenting to an application for a permit to “kill, harm and harass”?  (These are the words used).  Are we so green-brainwashed that we can’t leave undisturbed a world renowned IBA and its many endangered species? 

Surely no self-respecting person or corporation should even go so far as to request such permission for their own personal or corporate enrichment.  The very fact that they will do so gives cause to suspect the judgement of these and other green carpetbaggers.  What kind of government would approve it?  How can the Canadian Wind Energy Association pretend to occupy the environmental high ground when their members pull such stunts of greed and outright disregard for what really is green?

This is not an alternate versus conventional energy issue.  It is a clear case of one corporation grossly overstepping the bounds of ethical propriety for profit.  They see a way around conscientious and responsible behaviour in the ill conceived details of the Green Energy Act.  Deep in the bowels of this legislation are the keys for Gilead to push this pathetic application through government kill the already declining whippoorwill.

Open your window at 5 a.m. and listen to the neighbourhood songbirds.  They’ll do more for your mood than any pill.  If you are lucky enough to hear a whippoorwill, drink in its song while you can.  Your great grandchildren may never see this beautiful little vocalist or hear its uplifting call.

Help stop this legally achievable but morally reprehensible action.  Comment on Gilead’s permit application. Object to the needless further decimation of this cheerful little creature and the many more that live on and pass through Ostrander Point.

Start with simple emails (or phone calls) to the minister of the environment (, the minister of natural resources ( and your MPP.  Most importantly submit written comments on the Gilead Power application to and quote ER number 011-3181 in the subject line.

Allan Agnew
1269 County Road 21