Friday, May 20, 2011


Important Public Notice!!!!

Lake Erie Shores wind farm responsible for driving Ms. Johnston (see below) out of her home.
note the height of the turbines compared to the forest below


Tuesday May 24, 2011, 6:30pm

at the Cavan Monaghan Township Offices, 988 County Rd. 10, Millbrook

You are invited to attend a Meet & Greet event hosted by Manvers Wind Concerns and Community Wind Concerns of Cavan Monaghan. This event features the President of Wind Concerns Ontario, John Laforet, and Stephana Johnston.

Provincial Conservative and Liberal candidates for Haliburton-Kawartha Lakes have been invited to attend. The meeting will be a valuable opportunity to hear their views on energy and the responsible location of Industrial Wind Farms in the run-up to the election in October.

John Laforet, President of Wind Concerns Ontario, is setting out on a province wide 'Truth About Wind Turbines' Tour. John is the face of public protest in the battle against irresponsible industrial wind development in rural Ontario. We are concerned about the proposed Industrial Wind Turbines on the Oak Ridges Moraine in the Manvers area, the destruction of the beautiful Hills of Bethany, and the historic village of Millbrook and the famous 4th Line Theatre. These are just a few of many concerns that our rural people have. While we are supportive of Green Energy, we do not believe that Industrial Wind Turbines belong near homes. We do not believe that Industrial Wind Turbines belong in neighbourhoods.

MPP Rick Johnson and Laurie Scott, provincial Conservative candidate, have been invited to speak on their views for responsible approaches to wind and energy policy in Ontario.

The format for the MEET & GREET will consist of a 30 minute informal session commencing at 6:30 pm. At 7:00 pm, through a moderated panel format, John Laforet will be invited to address those in attendance for 15 minutes, followed by 10 minute addresses from each of the political candidates. The Press and the general public will then be offered the opportunity to pose questions to the panelists.

Please consider attending what promises to be an informative evening!

Manvers Wind Concerns

Who is Stephana Johnston?

The audience then heard from Stephana Johnston, a retired schoolteacher from Long Point. Johnston, 80, is also a former Green Party candidate for Norfolk. Johnston lives within three kilometres of 18 industrial wind power turbines. She spoke on her own experiences living near them. “The first thing that happened was that I had a stuffy feeling in my ears,” she said. An appointment with an audiologist confirmed a mild hearing loss, but also suggested a cause for the sudden onset of the “stuffy feeling.”

“He had the courage to tell me that the stuffed feeling was very likely being caused by the industrial wind turbines,” said Johnston. She also developed insomnia and a buzzing sensation in her head. “I’d wake up in the morning, and I was as tired as when I went to bed,” she said.

Johnston said the effect of the insomnia drove her to great lengths. “I rented an apartment 50 kilometres away from my home with some help from friends... for six months I was able to sleep away from my home, and I felt rested. I felt ready to take on the world. But whenever I got into the industrial wind turbine zone, I started to feel the effects, and the buzzing in my head,” she said.

After six months, Johnston could no longer afford the apartment. Since then, she has moved into a trailer on her son’s property, 16 kilometres north of the turbines.

What is Wind Concerns Ontario?

Wind Concerns Ontario is an umbrella coalition of 57 Grassroots Citizen’s Groups from across 34 Counties/Districts in Ontario

Mission Statement:

Wind Concerns Ontario is a province-wide advocacy organization whose mission is to protect the health, safety and quality of life of the people of Ontario from industrial wind turbines. Wind Concerns Ontario is a coalition of over fifty citizen groups promoting awareness of the true impacts of industrial wind power facilities. We are not affiliated with nor receive funding from any industrial or political entity.

Wind Concerns Ontario provides a strong, unified voice of opposition to the unchecked rush of locating thousands of massive industrial wind turbines across the province which are too close to human habitation and are without the benefit of full environmental assessment.

Wind Concerns Ontario supports responsible, environmentally sound solutions to our energy demands and environmental challenges. However, plans supported by the Green Energy Act to locate industrial wind power plants at an accelerated schedule, with even less oversight are tearing apart the very fabric of rural Ontario. Along with transformers, transmission lines, overhead distribution wires and substations these industrial wind turbines threaten people and the environment in serene, historic, rural communities, on prime agricultural land, migratory bird paths and close to sensitive wetlands, designated wildlife areas and pristine shorelines.

Wind Concerns Ontario is committed to informing the people of Ontario as to the many concerns surrounding industrial wind power.

Over 100 people affected by industrial wind turbines in Ontario now suffer. Meanwhile hundreds of published reports from scientists, engineers, physicians and environmentalists refute misleading claims by the global wind industry that this technology will be either effective or harmless.

Read more about WCO's mandate and concerns at: Wind Concerns Ontario through this link: