Monday, May 30, 2011

Letter to the Millbrook Times From Roy Taylor

To Reader to Reader

In response to Ms. Agda Davies letter (wind backs up nuclear). It is evident that this controversy about energy solutions is reaching the point of desperation and frustration for both Ms. Zednik and their supporters. What are missing from these discussion are other critical factors that have to be considered.

Aside from the fact that Ms. Davies has little sense of the aesthetic destruction of our beautiful landscape and the collateral damage to animals, bees and birds she is an advocate of change regardless of the long term consequences and the irreparable damage it would create. Her motto seems to be "Damn the torpedoes: full speed ahead".

I have been following the arguments and local meetings since the beginning from both sides of the issue. Not only has the National Post published several reports on the subject but also other reputable authorities support Ms. Zednik's arguments.

If we are so desperate for a solution then one might rightfully ask, " what are the alternatives"?

Let's not forget that clean air is the main issue? Have we done enough before we get to the point where Japan belatedly now finds itself.? The collateral damage there was not animals, insects and irreplaceable natural beauty It was mass destruction of land, air and water on the grandest of scales. That damage cannot ever be fully repaired.

The next very important issue is the cost to all parties. On this there is no argumaent. Almost everyone, including the government agrees that this is going to cost mega bucks. For the ordinary citizen electricity costs have been estimated to soar to up as much as thirty times present rates.

The government solves this problem by increasing your taxes. The cost of their decisions is shown on your electric bill every month.  The next issue is jobs. But jobs for who? Jobs for Samsung and Korea or Canadians ?

The issue should also ask, what else can be done? My answer is simply summed up in one word. which is "plenty". Before we torpedo common sense we must do now what will eventually become mandatory in the long run..

We must continue to convince all Ontarians, both locally affected and urban to double or triple their efforts to reduce wasteful use of our resources and introduce laws and penalties to enforce these laws. Wilfull waste of our resources is well documented. If we can cut this waste in half we will have solved fifty percent of the problem. Difficult as this seems we have little choice in the matter and the sooner we do it, the better. The most recent May, 2011 issue of Scientific American Magazine lists seven major clean energy projects in the works to solve the problem.
Let us promote the same effort and put our money into encouraging energy innovation and development in both Ontario and Canada.
Roy Taylor to the Millbrook Times