Thursday, May 5, 2011

Electoral Turbine Silence? Letter From Graham Hawkridge

Electoral Turbine Silence?

There has been a pregnant silence over the last little while concerning Industrial Wind Turbines.

Does the Liberal party think that because they are not talking about them, that we, the public think that they have gone away? Absolutely not! This is the liberal’s way of not wanting to discuss this divisive issue, because they know it will cost them dearly at the polls.

Has anyone heard our MPP, Rick Johnson pushing this issue, of course not, he doesn’t want to have to defend this issue out loud in front of the public, were he might have to answer leading questions from people now well versed in the science behind these iron monsters.

Letters to his party’s chief medical officer have been ignored time and time again, requesting the source or the whereabouts of the original scientific documents, purported to clarify that IWT’s are safe at 550 meters from family homes.

I might suspect that he would rather answer questions about the failing health care system in Ontario; than answer pointed questions from people living close to the IWT’s near Shelburne.

As Mr. Johnson is well aware, a press conference was held at Queens Park just recently by several couples, from Shelburne, who have, it was explained, suffered severe health issues not from the usual source of Wind Turbines, but from two extremely noisy transformers located at less than 550 meters from their homes. While both families including others were approached by TransAlta Corporation about the intended location of the first transformer, these families were ignored by this Wind Corporation and indeed placed a second one the following year, close to the original, even though both families had requested that it not be placed so close to their homes.

These families have been put through hell to coin a phrase, and have been ignored by both the Liberal government and TransAlta Corporation. This then, is the approach that this government has taken from day one, while experimenting on our rural families, with a new and untried source of power in this country. Never mind that all rural folks have asked and been denied correct and safe set back procedure’s in locating these IWT’s, or the necessary testing to ensure their safety. Mr. McGuinty has seen fit to dictate where, when, and how these IWT’s will be used, without fair and proper consultation, or the right to fair compensation and buyouts of ones private property.

This is just a reminder Mr. Johnson that we in the City of Kawartha Lakes have neither forgotten that you turned your back on us, nor the fact that you did indeed have a choice, but instead, chose to follow another path. Unfortunately, that path is not the choice of an overwhelming over 80% of your community.

Graham Hawkridge
Kawartha City Lakes