Monday, March 28, 2011

Profit Over People

We moved to Cavan Monaghan over 20 years ago to trade skyscrapers, noise and light pollution for rolling landscapes, peace, and a night sky free from light pollution.

Never in our dreams did we think 50 Storey Industrial Wind Turbines would be planted in this beautiful and historic township.

To force something as massive and destructive to the landscape as Industrial Wind Turbines into a quiet peaceful community is unthinkable and completely unacceptable, especially when the wind studies show that the area lacks sufficient wind.

And we are told that, land owners were pressured and mislead into signing contracts, which includes a gag order that prevents them from speaking about the contract. This is no doubt causing anxiety and distrust in the community.

Some families have been here for many generations, and in the past and even today, families have worked together with their neighbours to plant and harvest, to build barns, fences, homes and more importantly, community spirit.

With a stroke of the pen, this way of life will be gone, our morale will be forever damaged, our peace and well being diminished, and the countryside ruined forever. We truly value these principals, something that obviously is not understood by City dwelling bureaucrats and those who prefer profit over people.