Monday, January 10, 2011

Wind Turbines Already Producing Turbulence - Letter From Jim Neill

Wind Turbines Already Producing Turbulence

As we know, there is an industrial wind turbine project being proposed for the Millbrook area. Just recently there was an international health symposium on the subject convened in Picton and attended by health experts from around the world.

From the results presented at the Picton symposium and elsewhere, I believe adverse health effects are no longer in question.

It is common knowledge that property values within several kilometres of wind turbines are severely reduced. Reductions of 30% to 40% are frequently quoted. One only has to look at what has happened to Shelburne or Wolfe Island, for example, to see the effect on an entire community when they become "tainted" by their proximity to industrial wind turbines. We all know people in our own community who are already having trouble selling their properties as a result of the mere prospect of these turbines, let alone their actual presence, so this is not in question.

Many European countries and some provinces have increased the distance that industrial wind turbines have to be built from homes, schools etc. This proposed project in Millbrook still allows them to be built within 550 metres of houses and in some cases closer. This is of such concern that both levels of regional and municipal government in our area have recently passed motions asking the Ontario government to increase these setbacks but this has not yet happened. The negative impacts to people living in the vicinity of industrial wind turbines are well known.

Why would three property owners knowing all this support a project that could negatively affect hundreds of people in their own community?

JIM NEILL RR 1, Millbrook