Thursday, January 13, 2011

Letter - Windmills vs. Industrial Wind Turbines - Denmark Stops On-Shore Turbines

Letter to the editor from Marion Thompson to the Peterborough Examiner...
Posted January 12, 2011
Re "Wind turbines already a reality in rural areas" (Dec. 30) -

Norwood man's windmill dwarfed by giant turbines

I'm glad John Bennett does not find his windmill intrusive. Perhaps he would think differently if it were a 479- foot tall industrial wind turbine.

The blades on these turbines are about 60 feet longer, at 132 feet, than the full height of his windmill. The base of these towers is anchored in a platform of more than 1,000 tons of cement and steel rebar. These turbines weigh more than 165 tons.

Regarding his comments about Denmark -due to the huge public outcry a moratorium was declared in September on any further on-shore turbines.
With respect to health problems, I would encourage Mr. Bennett to visit Symposium) and read presentations regarding health issues by experts from around the world.

RR 1, Millbrook