Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Letter to the Millbrook Times from Roy Taylor

Reader to reader on wind energy

It was not long ago I read an article about the approaching shortage of cement as we cotinually consume the materials and energy required for its manufacture. I know that cement kilns require a lot of heat for processing limestone which produces carbon dioxide.which contributs to global warming.

I understand that the foundations for these wind monsters is enormous as they consume lots of cement and additives. I would also think that digging the holes for these foundations requirers burning lots of deisel fuel and human effort related costs for their construction. These costs already contracted so far is measured in multi billions of dollars for Ontario.

Multiply these figures by the additional thousands of wind mills presently being planned when the rest of the world has found them to be a waste of money and what are we going to end up with ? Where is the pay back ?

At this point I really have to ask if we really know what we are doing any more ? For all this effort what we are doing is creating sonic health problems and destroying thousands of birds and bats at a time when the Americans are building thousands of oil and coal generating stations where the wind will blow the fumes over Ontario.

I think it is time for people to consider moving to another province before this happens.

Roy Taylor