Thursday, November 26, 2009

Not Enough Wind in Millbrook Area - Wind Study

It is known that the Ministry of Natural Resources Wind Resources Atlas provides information to the wind industry, to determine the best areas for wind turbines.

The data shows the strongest winds in the Whispering Woods study area are generally on the hilltops surrounding the Village of Millbrook. It would appear that these areas are the most likely locations for wind turbines.

However, if you look into the details, the area winds barely meet the minimum average speed required to turn the enormous blades of the 400 foot wind turbines.

Lake Ontario and Lake Erie have the strongest, most consistent winds in southern Ontario, and this is where wind turbines belong. Northern European countries have learned from their costly mistakes, and are now using off shore turbines.
Considering the costs of installing a wind turbine, the placement of Wind Turbines in areas with low average wind speeds will have poor results, and is a waste of the time, energy and money.