Thursday, October 15, 2009

Motion Regarding Wind Turbines and EFO

By Peggy Armstrong, Lindsay Post Reporter

- Ward 16 Coun. Dave Marsh gave council notice of a motion regarding wind turbines. He is asking that the city request provincial health officials conduct studies on health effects where turbines are operated, that a full environmental study be done to determine the possible impact on conservation areas and the Oak Ridges Moraine where turbines are proposed, and that an independent economic impact study be done regarding costs to the municipality for wind farms and the effect on property values in the affected areas.

His motion comes after he held a town hall meeting in Manvers for the public to try to learn more about a wind farm project proposed by Energy Farming Ontario.

The motion is scheduled to be debated at the next council meeting on Oct. 27.

(Note: Pending the results of this motion on Oct 27th, our Council should consider passing a similar motion)