Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Proposed Wind Turbines in Cavan Monaghan Township

Proposed Wind Turbines (Letter to the Millbrook Times)

So much needs to be said on the Wind Turbines proposed for Cavan Monaghan Township. To begin, we need to understand the meat of the matter, which was not clearly presented at the Whispering Woods open house on August 10th.

1. The proposed wind turbines from the ground to the top of the blades is 125 metres high (415 feet) which is equivalent to a 40 storey office building. In comparison, the wind test tower seen at Tapley ¼ Line and Highway 115 is half of this height.
2. Currently, turbines can be placed as close as 400 metres (437 yards) to a neighbouring home.
3. The turbine motors and generators make mechanical noises. The rotor blades (that sweep over an acre of air), can create enough noise (whooshing) that some residents have been forced to abandon their homes. Some say the noise on a windy day is similar to a jet engine.
4. Wind turbines have decreased the property value of nearby homes.
6. The turbines will remain in place for 25 to 50 years, or longer, depending on the lease.
7. The turbines require bright flashing red lights at night, and the turbine blades cause a strobe light effect (flicker) on adjacent homes and properties when the blades interfere with sunlight.

I am concerned for homeowners who will be negatively impacted by the wind turbines and am saddened to see the Industrialization of our landscape. Unfortunately, the future of our township is in the hands of one company, and a few participating landowners.