Thursday, September 3, 2009

Meeting With MPP Rick Johnson and Concerned Residents

I have contacted MPP Rick Johnson's office regarding our concerns (see e-mail below) and a request to have a town hall type meeting. They have responded, but I have not established a meeting date yet as I wanted to give citizens more time to do their own research and be ready with questions.

It may be best that we, the concerned citizens of Cavan Monaghan, have an informal meeting, before meeting with MPP Rick Johnson and any other officials.

If anyone would like to be part of either meeting, please send me an e-mail with your name and address.

E-mail to MPP Rick Johnston sent Aug. 10, 2009:

Dear Mr. Johnson,
I am writing on behalf of a quickly organized group - Concerned Citizens of Cavan Monaghan (CCCM) who met with representatives from Energy Farming Ontario Inc. at the Millbrook legion tonight (August 10th). We were only given a weeks notice of the public meeting which had taken many by surprise, and gave us little time to look into the details of this matter.
The meeting seemed unorganized and consisted of a crowd of concerned residents gathered around representatives asking questions, however due to the noise levels in the legion it was very difficult to hear the discussions and many people left in disappointment.
We were expecting perhaps a visual or oral presentation from Energy Farming Ontario Inc., or at least at Town Hall type of meeting where we could stand at the podium and speak into a microphone so that everyone could be heard.
As this did not happen, and as Energy Farming Ontario Inc. indicated that a second meeting would be unlikely, a group of us decided to organize a proper town meeting. It was also suggested that we invite you or a representative with good knowlege of the Green Plan, so we can discuss this matter properly.
We would like to have a meeting as soon as possible, in September, when most residents have returned from summer holidays. It was unclear what the next step for Energy Farming Ontario Inc. is, but we hope we can meet before any approvals take place from the Province.
We can secure the Millbrook Legion for this occasion and post information in local papers of the meeting date, time and location. I can understand if you are unable to personally attend due to your busy schedule, however if you have a staff member or a representative of the Province attend and provide information on the Green Plan, it would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you for your time and consideration and congratulations on your well deserved election victory.
Your truly
Brian Hall